Monday, August 29, 2011

Getting Bluer

I want to thank Fenom Kimonos for sending me this awesome belt!

Now, I've gotten quite a bit of flack for changing my belt. And I think you naysayers need to take it easy. The general question is - how could I so callously trade the belt given to me by a Royce Gracie black belt for a brand new belt?! Well, I have 2 equally valid reasons for this:

1) I like to coordinate. This new belt goes very nicely with my pretty, purple Fenom gi. When my hair is sweaty and disheveled and I smell like a room full of stinky boys, damn it, I like my clothes to match. Is that so wrong?

2) I want to preserve my mojo. As established in previous discussions, all of your jiu jitsu mojo is housed in your belt. And yes, I realize that by retiring my 1.5 week old belt, I'm losing all the mojo that was deposited during its brief life.  But - I am willing to make that sacrifice, as I consider it an investment in preserving my future mojo.

See, here's the problem: I was promoted on the same day as 4 of my teammates, and we were all given identical belts. "Great!" you are thinking, "you can all be belt twins!" No, not so great (and there are 5 of us, you moron, so we would be quintuplets, not twins).  Intense rolls are like those scrambled TV movies that you tried to watch as a kid while your parents weren't home. There is some sweating and grunting before clothes inevitably come off. How many times in a typical practice do you pick your belt off the mat and retie it around your waist? How many times does your training partner retie his belt? And if a bunch of you have the exact same belt, how can you be completely sure whose is whose? What if someone takes your belt - WITH ALL YOUR JIU JITSU MOJO - and claims it as his own? What happens to all your mojo - is it transferred? Or does it simply disappear?

This is not a game that I want to play. Thus, I am very happy to have this distinctive, female belt, unlikely to be stolen by any mojo-stealing dudes on my team. Thanks again, Fenom!


  1. You have enough mojo for five people, and deserve every bit of it. I just hope some of it rubs off during 180-degree sit-ups.

  2. At least one little comment in all of your posts so far have cracked me up! I dig.

    Good call on the new belt. I definitely find the darker blues more eye-pleasing. And congrats on the promotion!