Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back attacks

Today I went to my third ever  jiu jitsu seminar, Roy Marsh's class on back attacks. Now, when you are thinking seminar you are probably thinking of a white collar affair where you sit in a hotel meeting room and listen to 8 hours worth of PowerPoint. They might give you a free continental breakfast, but you are there to earn continuing education hours. Of course by the end of the thing, with all the sitting and smoozing and note-taking, you are ready to choke someone.

Jiu Jitsu seminars are a little different. You sit on a mat in a warehouse or a gym. You learn some new techniques and drill for a few hours - but then you get to roll and if you are good, you really do get to choke someone. Business wear is not encouraged or even allowed. People (who typically have 3 or more tattoos) wear either a gi or fight shorts with a rash guard. You don't get free breakfast but you might take a break at some point to drink some Gatorade and eat a protein bar.

 Spooning gone terribly wrong

This seminar was on back attacks and I learned a TON! Most of it is written down in my jiu jitsu journal (which I hope will one day be worth thousands if not MILLIONS of pennies). But here are a few take home points:
  • To win via back submission you must do 3 things: take the back, maintain the back, and finish the back choke
  • My personal weakness is maintaining the back - I'm fairly good at getting to the back, and I'm fairly good at finishing if I can do so before my opponent has time to defend. But I have some trouble maintaining position and realized a couple of places where I leave too much space or fail to predict my opponent's movements
  • There is a third hook. I am a lady so I will not comment anymore on this. But if you would like to buy a 3rd hook t-shirt, contact Roy or Team ROC.

Really, you are never safe from a back choke. Wherever you are, someone is almost always behind you. And if that person went to Roy's seminar, then you, most certainly, are doomed.

Goodnight, all!

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