Friday, October 26, 2012

How to throw a BJJ baby shower

1) Find a way to lure the menfolk. 

Guys don't usually go to baby showers. But BJJ players are mostly guys. So unless you get sneaky, there won't be many people at your BJJ baby shower.

The best way to lure jiu jisu guys is to make the shower sound a little more bad ass. And what better way than to have the shower IN THE CAGE! Everything sounds more gangsta when it happens IN THE CAGE! For example, sometimes I go to the gym outside of class hours to drill the moves I want to work on. As much as I know it will make me better, drilling can be a little boring. But when I drill IN THE CAGE, it's easy stay motivated. I feel like a stud!

To summarize: regular baby showers = kinda girly and wimpy; baby showers IN THE CAGE = baby badass

The Triangle Jiu Jitsu Cage

2) Pick your walk out music

Have the mom-to-be choose her entry music. There are plenty of songs about moms and violence - "Mama Said Knock You Out," "Pistol Packin' Mama" or "Big Mama Gonna Whip us Good" to name a few. Dim the lights and start the entourage!

3) Plan appropriate entertainment. What's a baby shower without baby shower games? Of course "guess mom's tummy size" and "blindfold diapering"  won't cut it with this crowd.  You need something less soft. But if you search the internet for fighting themed baby shower games, you will find surprisingly little information. So you have to come up with your own.

I recommend Pictionary for the Cage-fighting Baby. It's played out like regular Pictionary, but instead of standard wimpy-ass clues, party goers draw things like "knockout a dirty diaper," "Judo-throw a tantrem," "tap-out to labor pains," or my favorite "illegal grip on a onesie."

Voila! Follow the above steps, and you will have a shower appropriate for even the most legit jiu jitsu practitioners and their spawn.

Speaking of which:

Photo shamelessly stolen from the Facebook page of Jeff Shaw, dirty white belt
Congrats to my coach Seth Shamp and his wife Brita Klein on their jiu jitsu champion of the future!

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